STCW Training in Edinburgh

Established in 2013, Sea Air & Land Training (SALT) Services Ltd. is a specialist STCW training provider based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We provide high-quality MCA approved and accredited courses for professionals already working in, or looking for a career in the maritime industry. SALT HQ is located within the beautiful village of Colinton, which is within 9 miles of Edinburgh International Airport, 5 miles from the city centre and easily accessible by Edinburgh’s excellent local bus services.

STCW 2010 requires all seafarers to receive basic safety training or instruction in accordance with section A-VI/1 of the STCW Code for all vessels over 24 metres in length. This includes vessels such as cruise ships, barges, super yachts, tugs and support vessels to name but a few. However, many employers and fishing boat skippers expect their crews to hold these qualifications regardless of the size of the vessel. The minimum requirements for familiarisation and basic safety training are contained within SALT’s Basic Safety Training Week (BSTW).

SALT provide a variety of MCA accredited STCW 2010 courses utilising state of the art facilities, training equipment and up to date training methods. Our experienced instructors and managers are veterans from the armed forces and maritime industry. We can also offer bespoke training dates to meet the specific needs of your organisation or company.

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